Level 8 Faith Formation is now Confirmation II. In their second year of Confirmation Preparation, students will continue exploring how their life with God that they received at baptism can be received in its fulness at Confirmation.

With a focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, students will better understand the importance of service to others and how to share their God-given talents with not only their family and friends, but with their surrounding community. They will reflect on their understanding of what it means to have an active role in the body of Christ, and how their role in the church can continue to grow for many years beyond their Confirmation. Students will also explore the likeness of Christ in another person when choosing a Confirmation Sponsor and choosing a Confirmation (Saint) Name.

Classes for Confirmation II are held 2-3 times a month from October through March, with Confirmation expected to be celebrated in early Spring (March/April 2025). Like most parishes celebrating Confirmation in the Spring, the St. Mary’s Confirmation date will be determined by the Diocesan Bishop’s office and announced in December. Prior to making Confirmation, students will be expected to attend all class sessions and complete all Confirmation Student Workbook assignments.

Please check back for the upcoming Confirmation II Student Workbook and the full 2024-2025 Confirmation II Class Schedule.